Thanks for visiting Think Meta! My name is Andrew Miller and this is my weblog about mostly technical stuff with some personal and/or random items mixed in every now and then.

Personal Info

I live in Greenville, SC with my wonderful wife and our twin sons.

Professional Information

Suffice it to say I like all things technology — I enjoy building things but prefer building virtually and do greatly enjoy discussing/presenting/evangelizing around how technology can impact business. My current focus is around the datacenter — storage, virtualization, datacenter networking — which does map well to my employer’s focus (part of the attraction of my current position). Beyond that, I’m going to cop out and point you to my LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Profile – Andrew Miller


Any views expressed here are my own — while I work for a reseller with multiple partnerships, what I post here is not the official opinion of my company or any manufacturers. In short, I post stuff here I think is interesting….mostly technical but not always.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Andrew
    I was poking around the inter webs and saw your vExpert Emc select posts.

    I am not sure why but I beleive your Column entitled “ratio”
    Is calculated as emp:expert

    But your posts says expert : emp

    Mathematically speaking
    # Employees vs # vExperts

    Ratio to me would imply a proportion /percentage.
    Experts:employee what proportion of employees are experts
    55 11 5

    151 10 15

    Should be
    11/55 =.2 = 20% of employees are experts Etc.
    10/151. = 0.066 or 6.6%

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